The software is back on-line! Get it while it is still here!

Click here to download the latest version of the anti-spam software, SpamItBack.

Get the SpamDuh! SpamItBack Extension by clicking here!

SpamItBack is approximately 2.86 MB. (Version 1.055, April 4th, 2007 -- Newest Features)
The SpamDuh extension is approximately 1.40 MB (Version 1.1, March 20th, 2007).

The 'SpamDuh' extension allows you to create webpages full of fake e-mail addresses to give to spammers, if they try to take e-mails off your website. It just makes it more frustrating for spammers! :)

The key to the success in eliminating spam is using this on a daily basis, ideally for an hour at a time, until you stop receiving spam. The more people using it, the more effective the software is. PLUS, now a new anti-spam screensaver is included, so you can fight spam when you are away!

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